How to Make a Spin Bike Seat More Comfortable

By Robbie Ferri

You want to step up that cardio exercise! You want to get in shape for that 10k run or that pretty dress you have on snapshot! You’re full of morale and excitement, but once you see that uncomfortable bike seat, all that enthusiasm just ebbs away.

There are people who strike indoor cycling off their workout list simply because the bike seat always leaves their butt feeling numb. And that’s a very discomforting feeling.

The truth is, it is not unusual that your bike seat does not encourage an encore ride from you. Bike seats, especially when you’re using them for the first time, may be very uncomfortable. So no one particularly blames you if you have already crossed out indoor cycling or you only have it occurring just once on the month’s workout plan.

Of course, this does not occur in everyone’s case. We know of people who felt nothing but fit after an indoor cycling session. Well, the explanation for this should lie in the fact that we’re all built differently.

But if the former is your predicament, this article might just bring good news to you. Before you consider changing that saddle or quitting, consider these tips by answering the questions.

Is your bike set up correctly?

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This is the first big question, arguably the most important to task when trying to make your spin bike seat more comfortable. Not only does your bike set-up affect your comfort, but it may also have a say on your posture if not set-up the right way. I have seen people hop on their indoor bikes without as much as a glance if the bike is in the right condition. In that case, numb/touchy bottoms may be inevitable.

The right way to set up your bike for comfort is first to position it rightly. Level ground? Check. Next, ensure that your saddle height is correct for your height. You don’t want to be bending over to reach, do you? The next big thing is that the saddle is flat. If it’s anything short of flat, then we can narrow down on the source of your pain.

You can ask for help from a trainer on how to set up your bike, or you could religiously follow step-by-step videos on YouTube on how to set up your bike. It helps to take advice on indoor cycling from them too.

Guys at BEMH prepared a step by step guide on how to setup your spin bikes, check it out. It has images and is pretty easy to follow.

Have you tried cycling shorts?

indoor cycling shorts

Yup! Cycling shorts come in handy for this purpose apart from the fact that they already look so good. So your saddle has been set perfectly right, but your butt still has that complaint; you’ll need the awesome spinning and cycling wear.

Essentially made for riding comfort, cycling shorts are padded in the necessary places. In addition to that, as a friction guard, cycling shorts are tight (body-huggers), and they stay in place while still allowing air to pass, as well as blocking wind.

Cycling shorts do not restrain your ease. They’re flexible and adaptive and may just be the best and fastest option for you to get back in your game! Also, they are not hard to find.

How about adding an extra piece of clothing?

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Okay, so you don’t want to have to keep spending so much on cycling or cycling shorts are not for you. Here’s another idea. Wear an extra layer of clothing with your sportswear. It may not take away all the friction as cycling shorts may, but it surely will do something for your behind.

You could wear a pair of shorts over your yoga leggings, advisably spandex material clothing as base materials to absorb sweat. This will help to minimize seat area friction.

But really, more people see this as a first aid to the problem of an uncomfortable saddle more than a permanent solution to the issue.

Customised The Bike Seat?

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I’m throwing this in here because I have heard that custom bike seats have helped with the discomfort. I have a friend who cushioned her bike seats, and from her report, it was not a bad idea. So your bike may just need a layer of artificial fur over the seat to be comfortable as a cushion. Goodbye friction!

You can also consider add an indoor bike seat cover which usually contains gel for additional comfort. It’s easy to put on the seat and they are very cheap. If you are feeling uncomfortable on your spin bike, I highly recommend using a seat cushion first. The might help you get rid of spin bike saddle sore all together.

Heard of Chamois Cream?

What to wear for indoor cycling

The antibacterial cream works for your already sore bottom and also prevents you from having one by debarring friction between skin and clothing. Some chamois creams, also known as anti-chafing creams, have a cooling effect on the skin. Apply to your behind, between your thighs, and other areas sensitive to friction for relief.

Though Chamois comes highly recommended by fitness experts for indoor cycling and is used by many cyclists, we’d also advise that you do not get too used to it. It’s okay to use it a few times, say, for the first ride of a new seat or two or three times after, but don’t over pamper your body so much that it cannot do without it. Still go on rides without the cream to try getting used to the saddle itself.

Does a Saddle Change Guarantee Comfort?


The answer is a straight-up no. That’s because most spin bike seats, for the first few rides, are uncomfortable. Instead of changing seat after seat, why don’t you try to get used to it? Honestly, you could adapt to having a little discomfort at first, and soon you won’t even notice it.

Changing the saddle is a drastic thing to do too quickly. Say, after a good number of rides and nothing changes, then we can start looking at other ways to get a fix to the problem.

If all these things are not working for you, then it’s okay to change your saddle. It’s not difficult to get your spin bike saddle changed. This time, since you get to choose what saddle works for you, it’s best to look out for the shape rather than the padding because that’s what really matters. Use this guide to choose a comfortable exercise bike seat for you.

Go for a different design entirely, not just for a padded saddle. If the better design comes with padded, then that’s a bonus. When it comes to spin bikes, outdoor or indoor bikes, the same range/ bracket is usually used to mount a saddle. Go for something that’ll solve your problem.

Now you’ve got a new saddle, remember to keep sports hour clean and hygienic. It is not a good idea to remain sweaty while juggling between classes and other walkabouts. Leaving sweat on your body is sure to irritate it in the long run due to the presence of salt in sweat.

You’re sure to get comfortable cycling with all these tips. In no time, you’d be having fun in the sport once again! Just be sure to follow accordingly; try each tip before rushing to do something as dramatic as changing your saddle immediately.