How to Find a Comfortable Spin Bike Seat Replacement?

By Robbie Ferri

Finding a comfortable saddle and knowing what to wear for indoor cycling is as complicated as buying indoor cycling bikes because there is seat that would fit all users comfortably. There are many people who immediately after buying an indoor bike decided to change their bike’s seat because the saddle they get with their bike is not comfortable for their style of riding and body structure.

Another reason you might want to replace your spin bike seat is possible that it is worn out due to the continuous use of the bike for cycling indoors.

The truth is no matter why you want to change your spinning bike’s seat, you need to get ready for the hassle because selecting a new seat for an exercise bike is a tricky task. Every cyclist has specific needs to choose a seat for their spin bike. There is no one fits all when it comes to indoor cycling bike seats.

Unfortunately , you don’t get to take a test ride when purchasing spin bikes saddles on line or from the store so you have to know a thing or two about what fits you best. With that said, you have the option to pick and buy two stationary bike saddles and return the one that doesn’t fit good.

Now, let’s get into more specific tips on how to choose the best indoor bike seat If your bike saddle leaves you with sore rear and makes you start hating your newly bought spin bikes.

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7 Tips to Find the A Comfortable Seat For Indoor Cycling

Performance or Cushioning

Before selecting an indoor bike seat, decide what sort of padding you want in your exercise bike seat. There are two major types;

Performance seat: This type of bike seat is long and narrow in shape, and it has a low amount of padding. The performance seats have less chaffing while paddling. They are great for expert and elite riders who ride mainly in road-cycling posture (not commuting or upright position). I personally didn’t find these performance seats Comfortable for indoor cycling but I know some pro riders who do find them comfortable.

Cushioned seats: These cycling seat contains more padding inside and is suitable to ride in comfort for 20-50 minutes rides in standard spinning position, and your hips won’t hurt. These seats are often found in indoor and recreational bikes. If you are not an elite cyclist, I highly recommend a cushioned replacement seats for spin bikes.

Look for a center cutout bike saddle

Between your sit bones, the perineum is an area containing nerves and arteries. Seats with center cutouts are designed to avoid discomfort. Such seats with a hollow center provide extra comfort. Some people use a seat with a perineal cutout, while others prefer a slight indentation or no accommodation while picking a suitable seat for their bike. People choose what they feel fits for them, depending on their body shape. Generally speaking, a seat with centre cut is often a better choice for indoor cycling as they allow airflow and minimise saddle sore.

Buy gender specific bike seat

Just like indoor cycling shorts and cycling shoes that are specifically available for men and women, there are seats that built based on male and female anatomy. They are more comfortable than generic unisex seats as there is more chance they fit your body type better. So, if only one person uses the bike, I would suggest you to look for an indoor bike replacement seat to get ride of saddle sore that is built for your specific gender.

First buy a spin bike Seat Cushion

There is a big chance that You won’t need to change your exercise bike’s seat. Often a a good quality spin bike seat cushion is all you need in order to get ride of spin bike saddle sore. So, I suggest you to consider a seat cover, preferably one with gel padding. If it doesn’t resolve the spin bike seat sore, you can always send it back and purchase a replacement seat instead.

Decide a material for the seat

There are cycling companies that make seats of various materials, including leather, cotton and synthetic. Factors like cost, material quality and comfort, flex, and weight are kept in mind before purchasing the fitting seat for the indoor bike. Following are the materials used to make indoor cycling bike seats around the world:

Leather seat

Leather seats are reliable because they can survive for a longer period. A few seats have a patch of leather in the covering, while others are completely made of this tremendous material. Leather has a break-in period of 200 miles, and after that, it adapts to your weight and shape. Leather is not water-resistant, so read the instructions carefully before using any leather conditioner or other materials.

Synthetic Seats

Synthetic is the most popular material in the world. The majority of the indoor cycling accessory making companies rely on this lightweight material to produce top-quality bike seats. Synthetic seats have been the first choice for a long time because it is low maintenance and needs no break-in time.

Cotton seats

Cotton is not widely regarded as a seat-making material. However, the covers of bike seats are made of cotton. Break-in time for cotton is far less than that of leather. Seats with cotton coverings provide excellent control over pedaling but we don’t recommend them for sweaty indoor cycling rides.

Pick the right padding material

Gel paddings

Gel padding is flexible and molds to your body to offer a comfortable riding experience. The gel becomes compact quickly than foam padding. If you are looking for superior comfort, this padding material is best for you but keep in mind depending on how much your use the seat, you might have to replace a gel seat quicker than a foam padding material seat.

Foam paddings

Foam padding provides a flexible feel and springs back to the original shape. This kind of cushioning is to offer support during an enjoyable exercise class. Firm padding of foam is suitable for fat indoor bike riders and cyclists with well-conditioned sit bones as it will retain its form and won’t compact quickly.

Pick the rail material

Different indoor bike manufacturing companies use different solid materials to design the frames. Rail is the attachment point where the bike is connected with the seat, and many bikes possess two rails starting from the seat’s nose to the broader part on the back.

Steel rail

steel is an A-grade material to make rails, but it is heavier than any other material.

Alloy rail

Alloy is the mixture of two metals joined together to increase the strength and life of the resultant material. Chromoly is a lightweight rail-making material with unbreakable strength.

Carbon rail

Carbon has similar features to titanium, and this material is available with costly seats and to be honest this is not something you need for a 40 minute indoor cycling exercise.

Titanium: This material is good to absorb bumps while riding an indoor or outdoor bike. The only problem with this material is its high cost. It is very strong and light.


Indoor cycling bike saddles have different shapes and sizes. There are so many good spin bike seats that there is no way that you can’t find a comfortable spin bike seat for your indoor cycling sessions. Spin bike workouts can help you lose weight and stay in shape while burning tons of calories but an uncomfortable seat can ruin the experience and discourage you from riding indoors. It would help if you explored which material, shape and size of indoor cycling bike seat you need. There are thousands of options available for cyclists in every cycling accessory shop. If you are unsure, order multiple seats, try them on your bike and send back those that are not comfortable for you but don’t give up if the first seat you purchase is not what you were wishing for.

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