Frequently Asked Question About Spin Bikes

By Robbie Ferri

Spin bikes also known as spinning bikes, indoor cycling bikes, and indoor bikes are the hype in world exercise bikes. But there are so many doubts and questions about these stationary bikes. Most people still fear from the impact of the bike on the body and how comfortable it is.

Using years of my experience with spin bikes, I am going to answer to most of these questions about spinning bikes and I hope the following answers help you make the right decision about these popular exercise bikes. But if your question is not answered, please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me via contact page and I will try to answer your question about indoor cycling bike exercise and spin bike resistance, pedals, seats, or any other question you might have.

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  1. What does a “spin bike” actually look like?

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    The most common name for these bikes is Spinning Bike. Here you can see an example of such a bike (which is incidentally also referred to as the indoor bike) and how it looks like. The picture above qualifies as a “spin bike”.

  2. What type of workouts can I do on those kinds of bikes?

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    By principle, these bikes are pretty much the same as a normal stationary bike, so you could say that you can do anything on them. You mainly have two options: – using an app or any other computer program (e.g. watching TV on your tablet) on which you set the resistance and then give it commands to follow (such as intervals for example) while pedaling at a comfortable speed; – doing what’s also known as “zones”. Zones basically means that on this kind of equipment you pedal against a certain resistance for a specific amount of time and in between hold some kind of position (e.g.: sitting up straight and only moving your arms). After finishing one zone, e.g. “zone 1”, you enter “zone 2” in which the resistance is increased. This way you have a few different zones, each of them being harder than the previous one, so after finishing all of them you end up with a very intense workout.

  3. How long does it take to get fit/lose weight by using that kind of equipment?

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    It doesn’t matter if it’s a spin bike or any other type of exercise machine – they’re only tools which allow you to do certain exercises and workouts. The training itself is entirely your responsibility – therefore your results depend on how much effort you put into it. If you want to lose weight fast , make sure what sport(s) you’ll be doing (e.g.: running, cycling, circuit training – all of them for example). If you want to get fit , pick something or a combination of things which you enjoy doing so that you’ll stick with it long enough to see results. All this doesn’t matter much if you’re just using the machine as an “accessory” for your fitness schedule and only use it every once in a while – but if you do that, then there’s no point in buying one since you won’t benefit from the features that it has to offer anyways.

  4. Do I have to pedal standing up? Aren’t spin bikes mainly used by riders who are racing on the road?

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    Pedaling standing would be the most natural way, but you can also sit completely comfortably on the spin bike seat. That is actually one of the main reasons why this type of equipment appeals to so many people – since most exercise machines are targeted at specific groups (e.g.: runners, bikers or swimmers), spin bikes are good if you simply want to be active and not necessarily train for something in particular. If you’re planning on racing with it though, then there’s no point in buying an upright version like this one because it wouldn’t fit your needs at all.

  5. Can I adjust Spinning bikes?

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    Yes, most models like NordicTrack S22i bike come with several resistance levels allow you to do so in order to make pedaling easier or harder for yourself. This way you can always keep in the “game” without getting too comfortable with your workout.

  6. How long do Spin Bikes usually last?

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    It varies from bike to bike. For instance, Keiser M3i bike is made in the US from high quality materials so if you take good care of it then it’ll be fine for a very long time. In most cases though, people don’t use cheaper spin bikes that fall under 300 USD enough and after a few years just get rid of them since they’re get outdated not worth repairing anymore – but that has nothing to do with their build quality or anything, it’s simply because not everyone is going to have the same fitness goals for an extended period of time so there’s no point in keeping something which doesn’t really work for you anymore.

  7. Can I change a spin bike to a recumbent one?

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    No, these are built from the ground up for different purposes – you can’t just change parts all around and end up with a recumbent bike. In most cases though they’re both good at what they do, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you want a spin bike but also want to be able to lie down on it comfortably then look for an “open-frame” version instead of a compact upright model.

  8. Why is it better than regular exercise bikes?


    Spinning bikes usually allow more movement and burn more calories since you’re using your upper body as well as your legs which gives you some “tension”. Also, they usually have several resistance levels so you can always keep in the game no matter how well/badly you’re doing.

  9. Why are spin bikes also called stationary bikes?

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    This is mostly to do with their popularity – this type of equipment has been very popular in cycling studios for years since it allows trainees to exercise during class time without being disruptive. On the other hand, regular exercise bikes (the upright bikes) are often used at home. Of course there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from buying one of these and putting it next to your desk at work if that works better for you, but then again it doesn’t really make sense either because then people might think that you’re actually riding a bike in the office.

  10. Do they really provide a good workout?

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    It’s hard to say what “a good workout” is supposed to be, but it definitely helps with your fitness if you use it often. For most people it’s a great way of staying active and losing weight even though they might not necessarily go for a run or something similar every day because no matter how hard you work out on a bike, you can’t possibly cover as much distance as when running outdoors for example which means that you’ll lose more weight than someone who just sticks to jogging all the time. On top of that, many people love stationary bikes because their joints get less pressure since the supports them – so if you have knee/back problems, spinning bikes can be a great way to exercise without feeling pain.

  11. So what’s the best type of exercise bike?

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    This is entirely up to you and your personal goals – if you want something that works for casual purposes then go with either an upright exercise bikes or semi-recumbent bike (or even a recumbent bike). If you want something that also works for racing purposes and allows near-professional training then check out spin bikes which are usually good at both things.

  12. Should I wear specific clothing for indoor cycling?

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    Yes, if you want to have a comfortable indoor cycling experience, I would highly recommend wearing the right indoor cycling clothings. Some of the most important clothing for cycling indoors are women cycling shoes, men cycling shoes, spinning shorts for women, and spinning shorts for men.

  13. What is a Spin Class?

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    A spin class is a class held at a fitness center or cycling studio where a spinning instructor leads a group of riders pedal between 30-60 mins on an indoor cycling bike.

    The motivational music and the encouragement of the indoor cycling instructor helps you to put your maximum effort and burn hundreds of calories without getting bored.

    If you get bored while cycling at home on your own, a spinning class is the best option. Not always, but often a spin bike class is included as part of a gym membership.

    Thanks to technology, you don’t necessary have to leave the comfort of your home to attend a spin class in person anymore. You can attend live spin classes online or watch on-demand (pre-recorded) spin classes.

    Just like attending a studio cycling class in-person, you would need paid membership for online spinning classes. The monthly membership of online indoor cycling classes can be anywhere from $130 to $400.

    With live online spin classes, you can interact and ask question or even make friends. Online indoor cycling class providers such Peloton have forums with many helpful members who help each other reach their goals and deal with issues they might have.

    So, if you prefer to enjoy a spin class online inside the comfort of your own home, then there are great options such as the very popular Nordicktrack S22i spin bike that comes with a 22-inch HD Touch screen.


Spin bikes are literally the most intense type of exercise bikes on the market and to be honest they are not for everyone, especially if you are on recovery, have knee injuries or you are senior person. These exercise bikes come with heavy flywheels that require good knees and and great flexibility as you need to bend over the handlebars. With that said, if you think fall in the category that you can use a spin bike, I suggest you to read my detailed spin bike buying guide so you would know what to look for when choosing a spin bike for your home.

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