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Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Review: A Great Indoor Cycle to Buy

By Fitnosia Team – Last Updated: June 2023


Horizon 5.0 IC Overview

Are you searching for a budget-friendly indoor cycling bike that delivers impressive performance? Look no further than the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle. In this review, we’ll dive into the features, performance, and advantages of this remarkable exercise bike, highlighting why it surpasses its competitors.

Horizon Fitness, a reputable brand renowned for its exceptional treadmills, has crafted the 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle with stability, consistency, and space-saving design in mind. What’s even better? You can utilize your own tablet or iPad to access a plethora of workout options through popular fitness apps, providing an affordable alternative to those pricey bikes with built-in screens.

While the saddle might require a replacement for optimal comfort, the 5.0 IC ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride with its magnetic resistance system and user-friendly performance panel. Plus, you can enhance your workout experience by integrating apps like Zwift, enabling you to track your progress, participate in virtual races, and sync your health data with other fitness platforms.

With a price tag of just $500, the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle offers incredible value compared to its more expensive counterparts, such as the Peloton. While the Niceday bike boasts additional features, the 5.0 IC takes the lead with its motorized resistance system, ensuring seamless and intelligent adjustments to enhance your workout sessions.

To sum it up before we go any deeper into this article, the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle is the ideal solution for anyone seeking an affordable and effective home workout companion. Its stability, versatility, and compact design make it a standout choice for achieving your fitness goals. Join us as we take a closer look at this exceptional indoor cycling bike in our comprehensive review.

Display and App Connectivity

The Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC indoor cycling bike features a user-friendly backlit 2×2-inch display, providing you with clear and easily readable workout data at your fingertips. Whether you’re tracking your speed, cadence, resistance level, distance, time, heart rate, or calories burned, the monitor ensures that you stay informed about your progress throughout each session. With this comprehensive display, you can effortlessly monitor your performance and adjust your workout accordingly to meet your fitness goals.

One of the standout features of the Horizon 5.0 IC is its Bluetooth FTMS transmitter, which allows for seamless connectivity to various online platforms and fitness applications. By connecting the bike to popular apps like Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap, and QZ, you can immerse yourself in virtual cycling experiences, join interactive training sessions, and explore scenic routes from around the world. The Bluetooth capability ensures a smooth connection, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of these platforms and elevate your indoor cycling experience.

Moreover, the Horizon 5.0 IC’s monitor is compatible with standard Bluetooth heart rate monitors, enabling you to track your heart rate accurately during your workouts. By monitoring your heart rate, you can gauge your intensity levels, optimize your training, and ensure that you’re staying within your target heart rate zone. This feature provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your workouts and helps you make informed decisions to maximize your results.

The Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC’s monitor truly empowers you to take control of your workout data and stay connected to the virtual fitness community. Whether you’re seeking real-time performance metrics, the ability to connect to popular apps, or the convenience of monitoring your heart rate, this bike’s monitor delivers on all fronts. With its intuitive interface and seamless connectivity options, the Horizon 5.0 IC keeps you engaged, motivated, and on track to achieve your fitness aspirations.

Flywheel and Resistance

The Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle comes equipped with a 28.5 lb flywheel that adds a touch of smoothness to your ride. It may not be the heaviest bike flywheel out there, but it’s just right for those of us who are on the lighter side or have an average weight. However, if you’re on the heavier side, you might want to consider a bike with a slightly heavier flywheel for added stability.

What’s interesting about the 5.0 IC is that its flywheel is located at the front of the bike. This has its perks and quirks. On the one hand, it makes the bike more compact, which is great if you’re tight on space. On the other hand, it means a little extra effort when it comes to cleaning and maintenance since the flywheel sits right under the sweat zone. Just something to keep in mind.

When it comes to bike resistance, the 5.0 IC doesn’t disappoint. It boasts an electronically adjustable magnetic resistance system with a whopping 100 levels to choose from. As you crank up the resistance, you’ll feel like you’re conquering steep hills during your workout. I’ve been using this bike for six months now, and I can honestly say I’ve rarely needed to push it beyond level 80. It’s plenty challenging! Plus, instead of fussing with a knob, you can easily adjust the resistance using the buttons conveniently located below the screen. And guess what? The bike can even automatically adjust the resistance for you based on the workout program you select. Talk about smart!

While it would have been nice to have resistance controls on the handlebars for seamless adjustments during your ride, the electronically adjustable magnetic system on the 5.0 IC is a step above the traditional friction-based alternatives. It offers a wide range of resistance options and allows you to effortlessly fine-tune your workout intensity. So, even though it may lack handlebar controls like the ones that are on Nordictrack S22i, the convenience and performance of the resistance system more than make up for it.

In a nutshell, the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle’s 28.5 lb flywheel and electronically adjustable magnetic resistance system deliver a reliable and customizable riding experience. Whether you’re a lightweight rider or fall into the average weight category, this bike has got you covered.

Adjustability and Comfort

When it comes to finding the perfect fit on the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle, there are a few things to consider. Let’s start with the seat adjustability. The good news is that you can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to find a position that suits your body shape and size. However, one downside is that the handlebars only offer vertical adjustment and lack the option to adjust them horizontally. This might not be a big deal if you’re of average height somewhere between 5′ to 6’4″, but for shorter or taller riders who prefer precise adjustments, it can be a bit disappointing. It’s worth mentioning that the newer Horizon 7.0 IC model has addressed this issue by adding horizontal handlebar adjustment, making it a popular choice among users.

Another aspect to consider is the adjustability of the tablet holder and display monitor. Unfortunately, these components lack the ability to adjust their angle. This can be frustrating, especially for riders of different heights who need to have a clear view of their workouts. Being able to adjust the angle of the tablet holder and console is important for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. It’s something that I hope Horizon takes into account in future models, as it would greatly enhance the overall usability of the bike.

Now, let’s talk about comfort. While the handlebars on the 5.0 IC provide a solid and stable grip without any wobbling or strange noises, the same cannot be said for the seat. I have to be honest here – the seat is quite hard and uncomfortable. Even with the use of padded cycling shorts, I found myself needing to replace the seat after just a couple of weeks of riding. It became increasingly unbearable during longer 40-minute rides. Finding a more comfortable seat was a must to continue enjoying my workouts. Improving the design of the seat to provide better cushioning and support would definitely be a welcome improvement from Horizon.

Although I can’t tell you which seat is best for you unless I know your riding style or body type. So, I suggest you take a look at these spin bike replacement seats and see which one fits your needs. If you like to sit in upright position on the saddle, get a wider seat but if you like to remain in tilting position, you can get a trekking saddle like those of Wittkop and experience a way more comfortable workout.

Sturdiness and Performance

One thing that immediately stands out is Horizon 5.0 IC’s impressive sturdiness. This indoor bike is crafted from durable steel, providing a solid foundation that ensures stability throughout your workouts. With its 21″ wide and 47″ long base, the bike offers impressive support, even during intense cycling sessions. You can easily eliminate any wobbling by adjusting the four base levelers, guaranteeing a smooth and secure ride. While it may not match the heavyweight construction of top-tier models like the Nordictrack S22i, the Horizon 5.0 IC holds its ground admirably, providing reliable stability similar to the popular Schwinn IC4.

In terms of performance, the Horizon 5.0 IC truly excels. It effortlessly delivers consistent and reliable performance, whether you’re pushing through intense cycling classes or enjoying a casual ride. The bike smoothly adapts to your preferred riding style, maintaining its momentum and smoothness regardless of the resistance level. It handles both seated and standing positions with ease, allowing you to conquer challenging climbs or pedal comfortably. No matter how demanding your workouts may be, this spin bike rises to the occasion, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable exercise experience.

To optimize your workout environment, I recommend you to use a floor mat underneath the Horizon 5.0 IC. This simple addition not only minimizes any slight shaking you may feel but also protects your floor from potential damage. By ensuring stability and providing a comfortable surface, a floor mat also enhances the overall performance of the bike, creating a more pleasant workout space.

While the Horizon 5.0 IC offers impressive features, there is room for improvement. Unlike some higher-end models, this bike comes with cage pedals instead of clip-in options. However, you have the flexibility to upgrade your setup by purchasing 9/16″ dual-sided pedals, enabling you to use clip-in cycling shoes. By investing in these pedals, you can enhance both safety and efficiency during your rides. It’s worth noting that the Horizon 7.0 model has addressed this limitation by including dual-sided pedals as a standard feature. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on using clip-in shoes, the included cage pedals will suffice for a satisfactory cycling experience.

Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle Pros:

  • Sturdy Construction: The bike is made of steel and features a wide base with adjustable levellers, ensuring stability during intense workouts.
  • Compact Design: With its 21″ width and 47″ length, the 5.0 IC takes up minimal space, making it suitable for smaller home setups.
  • Magnetic Resistance System: The electronically adjustable magnetic resistance offers 100 levels, allowing for precise intensity control and smooth transitions between resistance levels.
  • Quiet Operation: The flywheel remains quiet even at higher resistance levels, providing a peaceful workout environment.
  • Compatibility with Apps: The bike’s tablet mount allows you to use various fitness apps, such as Zwift and Peloton, providing access to a wide range of training programs and virtual cycling experiences.
  • Auto-Resistance Feature: The Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC does offer automatic resistance adjustment based on workout programs or virtual cycling platforms.

Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle Cons:

  • Limited Handlebar Adjustability: While the seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, the handlebars only offer vertical adjustment. This may not accommodate riders of all heights or those who prefer micro-adjustments.
  • Non-Adjustable Console and Tablet Holder: The console and tablet holder lack angle adjustability, which can be inconvenient for users of different heights, as it may limit their visibility and comfort during workouts.
  • Uncomfortable Seat: The bike’s saddle is reported to be hard and uncomfortable, requiring users to replace it with a more suitable seat for longer rides.
  • Lack of Clipping Pedals: The 5.0 IC comes with cage pedals, which may not provide the same level of efficiency and safety as dual-sided pedals or clip-in options. Purchasing separate pedals may be necessary for those who prefer cycling shoes.

Comparable Alternatives

If you’re looking for a comparable alternative to the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle that offers additional features, I highly recommend considering the Echelon EX3. The Echelon EX3 provides a more comfortable seat, allowing for longer and more enjoyable rides. It also offers an adjustable tablet holder, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for your workouts.

One standout feature of the Echelon EX3 is its manual + auto-resistance capability, which adjusts the resistance automatically based on the workout program or virtual cycling experience you’re engaged in. This feature enhances the realism and effectiveness of your rides, providing a more immersive and challenging workout. With auto-resistance compatibility with popular platforms like Peloton and Zwift, you can enjoy a wide range of interactive training experiences.

In addition, the Echelon EX3 comes with dual-sided pedals, allowing you to choose between using standard toe cages or clipping in with cycling shoes for increased efficiency and safety. This versatility caters to riders of different preferences and skill levels.

Considering its comfortable seat, adjustable tablet holder, auto-resistance functionality, and dual-sided pedals, the Echelon EX3 offers an impressive array of features that enhance your indoor cycling experience. It’s a solid alternative to the Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC, providing greater customization and convenience for your workouts.

But if you want another comparable indoor bike that costs less than the Horizon 5.0, I suggest the Niceday exercise bike. It doesn’t have Horizon’s auto-resistance but has several superior features including a better handlebar, better dual-sided pedals, and dumbbell holder.

The Final Verdict

The Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle stands out as a sturdy and reliable indoor bike option. With its strong steel construction and adjustable base levelers, it provides stability during intense workouts. The bike performs well, delivering smooth and consistent operation at various resistance levels and riding styles. However, it lacks some adjustability features, such as horizontal handlebar adjustment and angle adjustability for the console and tablet holder. The seat may also require replacement for improved comfort. While it doesn’t come with clip-in pedals, it can be upgraded to accommodate cycling shoes. Despite these limitations, the Horizon 5.0 IC remains a solid choice for those seeking a convenient and effective indoor cycling experience.


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Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Rating

Horizon Fitness 5.0 ic review
Our Ratings:
  • Q-Factor: 170mm
  • Pedals: Adjustable Cage
  • Flywheel: 28-lbs
  • Resistance: Electronic Magnetic
  • Transmission: Poly-V belt
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’ – 6’3″
  • Bike weight: 85 lbs
  • Bike dimension: 21” W x 45” H x 47” L
  • Monitor: Backlit
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and ANT+
  • RPM tracking: Yes
  • Speed tracking: Yes
  • Watt tracking: Estimation
  • Applications: Kinomap, Zwift, and Peloton