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Bowflex C7 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

By Fitnosia Team – Last Updated: December 2021

Bowflex C7 Review

Bowflex C7 Overview

Very similar to Bowflex C6, the Bowflex C7 indoor cycling bike uses advanced technology to provide a high-quality home workout. It may not satisfy elite road cycling enthusiasts, but it’s a perfect choice for other cycling levels. C7 is an exciting indoor cycling bike, although it is typically not promoted on its website, giving it fewer revisions than its peers, Bowflex C6 (Schwinn IC4), or the Velocore exercise bike. However, it still manages to provide similar features to its peers from the Bowflex company.

The availability of Bowflex C7 might distort shipping since buyers have very little information about its existence. Still, it will typically take a swift 1-2 weeks duration to get your C7 safe and sound. Other shipping problems may include geographical shipping location, weather, and of course, human mistakes. Bowflex C7 stands at a current price of $1200, and there is no doubt among other spin bikes within the same price range that is comparing C7, it’s the best spin bike on the market. Among others, C7 offers a 7″ touch screen, Bluetooth, USB charging, and so many compatible apps within its price range. I strongly recommend Bowflex C7 to any individual having a budget within that range. However, if you are coming across a $1500+, then you’d go for the fantastic Bowflex Velocore 16 with a 16″ touchscreen monitor. Typically, the Bowflex spin bike does not come with all its parts wholly preassembled, but just about 60% assembled with the most challenging part like the flywheel, transmission, and crank.

This spin bike also comes with the following warranty to cover any manufacturing defects or potential issues, so no real surprises. Two years on the frame, three years on the mechanical parts, three years on the electrical components, three months for the labor(the smallest I’ve ever come across)

Bike Monitor and Connectivity

One of the most significant selling points about the newer Bowflex spin bikes is their monitors and the fact that it comes with a JRNY Membership. The 7 inches LCD monitor feature, tracking and displaying RPM, speed, distance, heart rate, resistance level, intervals, and calories makes C7 an incredible sports delight. It was specially inbuilt with the monitor, making it amazingly compatible with several fitness apps. This C7 spinning bike comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect the cycle to Zwift (to watch videos or track workouts), Train Roads, and Peloton on their tablet as the bike does not permit downloads of these applications. Aside from the Zwift app, the monitor offers excellent compatibility and sync with other apps like Netflix and Hulu, which allows you to keep track. An additional bonus feature will enable you to keep track of your heart rate through a heart rate armband monitor, which is bought separately.

Resistance and Transmission

Most modern spinning bikes will instead have their resistance be magnetic to cancel out pads’ use to pressure the wheel coming with the archaic friction type physically. The Bowflex C7 indoor bike comes with a non-electrical yet manually adjustable magnetic kind system of resistance. They have over 100 different magnetic resistance levels, which use a series of magnets around the freewheel to increase or reduce the bike’s resistance. With this modern Bowflex C7, it has an automatic adjustment when reaching uphills/downhills on Zwift or other indoor cycling apps. One fantastic feature that is not common in most indoor bikes is that C7 offers up to 100 different resistance levels. This gives the user a lot of options to choose from to have maximum satisfaction and a better riding experience. Another solid compliant option is the fact that Bowflex C7 comes with a poly-V belt system as the drivetrain. Unlike the traditional chain drivetrain, the poly-V belt system is a much quieter and smoother drivetrain that requires significantly less maintenance. Unfortunately, Bowflex bikes haven’t got their gear ratio listed out.

Pedals, Q-Factor, and Flywheel

The pedals of your Bowflex C7 spin bike are double-sided, i.e., dual-link. This dual-linked enables the user to use either side of them and hence provides compatibility with SPD cheats for those who want to use footwear while riding. Meanwhile, there are comfortable toe cages mounted with the pedals for those who will like to go without footwear. Your safety is guaranteed, and there is no fear that your feet might slip off the pedals.

Another essential feature of spin bikes is the Q-Factor. It is the distance between the two pedals. For optimum comfort, the Q-Facture be much narrower is ideal for best performance with C7. If it is too broad, there will be significant discomfort as the legs will be widespread. Nevertheless, if the distance is too tight, the user might incur injury while cycling. Unfortunately, the absence of C7’s Q-Factor and its gear ratio is not an excellent idea for a cycler. I recommend the user to try one for yourself to fit your qualification.

The Bowflex indoor cycling bike’s flywheel is about 40 lbs, fixed and bidirectional with an impressive sweat resistance guard, less maintenance, and a cleaner bike. The Bowflex C7 outstands its perfect weight within the price tag to burn more calories with no sensation to stop riding.

Specification and Accessories

The technical specifications are fairly straightforward; The C7 doesn’t take up all that much space but is still large enough to hold people of most sizes. Its 330 lbs weight capacity takes care of that. In particular, the Bowflex C7 is much valuable for smaller homes or apart, and despite its mass, C7 doesn’t destroy the floor under it. The Bowflex C7 bike has a vertically and horizontal-adjustable racing spinning saddle; alongside the height-adjustable multi-sport handlebars to get the best possible posture and training experience.

Bowflex C7 Pros:

Availability of Bluetooth connection to all sorts of different fitness apps will help you keep track of the statistics during the workout session. JRNY Membership gives the user option for a trial period before purchasing the cheap annual package is an outstanding quality that the cyclist can not forget. Its flexible and Quality Resistance system makes the modern C 7 more convenient for its smoothness and quietness.

Bowflex C7 Cons

The most unfortunate part about the Bowflex C7 spin bike is how difficult it is to find out about it. There’s no information on either the gear ratio or the Q-Factor of the Bowflex C7 indoor cycle. Users will like to know how much a spin bike is comfortable from the Q-Factor, which is absent, and it’s a little difficult to judge just how worth it the Bowflex C7 is.

The Final Verdict

Not a Keiser M3i but with no doubt the Bowflex C7 is has an incredible build-up and great monitor and technological features like the Bluetooth that make it an efficient cycling delight and a good value product.

Bowflex C7 Bike
Bowflex C7 Review

Not a Keiser M3i but with no doubt the Bowflex C7 is has an incredible build-up and great monitor and technological features like the Bluetooth that make it an efficient cycling delight and a good value product.

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Bowflex C7 Bike Rating

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FN Ratings
  • Q-Factor: N/A
  • Pedals: Dual-sided SPD & toe Cage
  • Flywheel: 40lbs
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Transmission: Poly-V belt
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5.2″ to 6.3″ (157 cm to 190 cm)
  • Bike weight: 115 lbs
  • Bike dimension: 26” W x 45” H x 49” L
  • Monitor: 7-Inch Touch HD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi
  • RPM tracking: Yes
  • Speed tracking: Yes
  • Watt tracking: Estimate
  • Applications: Hulu, Zwift, Peloton, Netflix, and more.