Best Rowing Machines Reviews and Comparisons in 2023

As people turn to home fitness solutions more and more in this new coronavirus-impacted world, it’s important to make sure that you’re finding a workout style that taxes your muscles and heart while creating innovative and exciting exercise routines. Indoor rowing machines are the perfect full-body workout that focuses on core strength and keeps your heart going, hitting in all the right places while burning calories and building strength. Rowers use up to 86% of the body’s muscles, toning every part of the body while building cardiovascular endurance. 

With so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer that you should add a rowing machine to your home or gym today. But with so many options available on the market, how can you tell what machine is the best for you? Good rowing machines offer a variety of benefits and capabilities, and finding the best rowing machines for home use can be an additional challenge. Whether a small, home rower or a commercial-grade industrial sized rower for your personal gym, we want to help you find the best home rowers in the United States.

Compare The Best Rowing Machines

Best Rowing Machines Comparison Table
1NordicTrack RW900MagneticYesYes250 LbsHigh-Rise
2Hydrow Live RowerMagneticNoYes250 LBsHigh-Rise
3Water Rower M1 RowerWaterNoNo500 LBs
4Concept 2 Model D RowerAirYesYes500 LBsHigh-Rise
5Mr. Captain Water RowerWaterNoYes320 LBsLow-Rise
6Marnur Rowing MachineWaterNoNo300 LBs
7Women's and Men's HealthMagneticYesYes250 LBsHigh-Rise
8Joroto Magnetic RowerMagneticNoNo250 LBsHigh-Rise
9Maxkare Water RowerWaterNoNo264 LBsHigh-Rise
10Sunny SF-RW5515 RowerMagneticYesNo250 LBsHigh-Rise

Editor's Best Rower Choice!


WaterRower M1

Editor's Choice Under
$ 1600
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Natural Sound
  • Dynamic Resistance

Concept 2 Model D

Editor's Choice Under
$ 1000
  • Dynamic Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bluetooth Monitor
Best Seller

NordicTrack RW900

Editor's Choice Under
$ 1500
  • 22" HD Monitor
  • Quiet Resistance
  • Foldable Frame

Top 10 Rowing Machine Picks

Table of Contents

NordicTrack RW900 Magnetic Rower

 in stock

Sleek, high-tech, and compact, this powerful rower from the industry-leading NordicTrack promises a tough workout on a portable and streamlined machine that takes up almost no space in your home. Sporting an ultra-smooth ball-bearing roller system and a 22” interactive HD touchscreen for built in workout feedback and on-demand workout streams, the NordicTrack RW900 Rower offers effortless rowing exercise that works your whole body in an innovative way.

The RW900 offers an oversized steel frame with an aluminum center beam that’s molded with your comfort in mind. The entire machine folds easily for compact storage or even travel using trademark NordicTrack Space Saver technology. This home rowing machine is fairly lightweight and could be used and set up by just about anyone, as well as moved around a workout space with ease due to included transport wheels. Measuring 86.5 x 22 x 50.4”, the RW900 fits in any space and seats rowers of any height up to 250 pounds.

The inertia-enhanced flywheel relies on silent magnetic resistance, easing pressure on your joints while allowing you to increase resistance to meet your fitness needs. The rower offers two forms of resistance and twenty-six digital resistance levels for ultimate personalization and resistance customization. The rower is complete with a simple yet effective multi-function touchscreen fitness monitor that tracks your current workout time, stroke count, and calories burned as well as total strokes accumulated (all time), letting you track your progress toward fitness goals.

Your purchase includes a free year of the NordicTrack iFit membership, offering pre programmed workouts and live rowing coaching that can really take your workout to the next level, as well as offering access to plenty of other preprogrammed workouts that go beyond just rowing.


The NordicTrack RW rower offers powerful workouts and ergonomic comfort for every level of rower. The screen and included access to iFit is a huge bonus that elevates the quality and consistency of your workouts, though having to pay for your subscription after the first year is a pain. The rower itself offers reliable resistance and exercise, with the low-maintenance capabilities of the magnetic resistance providing an extra special benefit. The price does lean towards the higher range for home rowing machines, but when you consider the dual resistance, extreme portability, and adjustable touchscreen console as well as the extensive ten year warranty, the NordicTrack RW900 becomes a worthy purchase for any rowing aficionado.


Compact and lightweight, Efficient and foldable, 22" Touchscreen console, Quiet magnetic resistance


Expensive, iFit membership requires a subscription after one year, low weight limit

Hydrow Home Magnetic Rowing Machine

 in stock

The sleekly tech integrated Hydrow Live is one of the forerunners in the new era of tech-fitness. This is one of the best technologically based rowing machines in the United States, offering all of the necessities for an intense yet enjoyable rowing workout in the comfort of your own home while working every major muscle group.

The Hydrow Live is one of the larger and bulkier personal models available on the market today. Coming in at roughly 91 x 33 x 18 inches and weighing 145 pounds, this indoor rowing machine is not for the faint of heart. However, it does come equipped with heavy-duty wheels that make transport and maneuvering it around your home slightly easier. The Hydrow Live sports a steel mainframe that’s reliable and durable; it will hold users of all shapes and sizes up to 375 pounds. With a newly improved smoother electromagnetic tension system with endless levels of adjustable tension, this home exercise machine is also one of the quietest options available.

No one will hear you exercising with this silky magnetic tension system. Exercising is made simpler with the 22 inch HD screen display, which showcases a variety of instant workout feedback in addition to immediate workout training and plans. Take each stroke with real athletes, including rowers training for the U.S. National Rowing Team, who’ll share information and inspiration to keep you engaged. However, a paid membership is required; $38/month in membership fees is required to access live broadcasts or choose from over 1000 pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions. A membership allows for unlimited user profiles, so every member of your household can enjoy Hydrow.


This bulky and powerful machine is definitely a top tier experience that’s expensive, high-tech, and a full-time investment. At $2,245 for the initial purchase, this is not very affordable. But the integrated tech and full-powered rowing capabilities make it a worthy purchase, plus every Hydrow purchased provides a donation to Water.Org, putting clean water access in marginalized communities. There’s also an extensive multi year warranty to protect your investment. For intermediate to experienced rowers looking for a machine that works as hard as they do, the Hydrow Live may be just the purchase for you.


High-tech HD Monitor, integrated workouts, live tracking, electromagnetic resistance


Heavier and larger than most models, very expensive. Also can't be folded or stored standing

WaterRower Gronk M1 Water Rowing Machine

 in stock

The WaterRower M1 High-Rise rowing machine offers portability, durability, and high-performing exercise with every workout. With its athlete-centered frame and ergonomic design, the WaterRower water resistance rowing machine stands out in your home as a piece of exercise equipment that’s designed to be functional and versatile while still being easy to use.

Designed and made with natural rowers in mind, the M1 water rowing machine is built with rider comfort and maximizing exercise in mind. Featuring a stable yet lightweight water resistance flywheel, this streamlined machine fits right into any home or workout space. Measuring at 83 x 22 x 21 inches and weighing 111 pounds, this machine creates powerful drag without taking up a tremendous amount of real estate. With built-in wheels for easy transport, moving this machine around is very simple. The true highlight here is the powerful water resistance.

Equipped with a few built in rowing programs and resistance levels, the durable propeller blades resist rust and turn steadily through the water container for a smooth and steady rowing experience with every stroke. The equipped Series 4 LCD digital monitor keeps track of important statistics during your workout like workout length, distance rowed, speed of rowing, and caloric burn, all designed to generate helpful immediate feedback on your workout. The ergonomic seat cushion, and solid aluminum slide rails all contribute to a quiet, powerful, and effective workout as well, generating a reliable cardio-based burn fitness junkies can appreciate.


Rowers of any experience level will likely find this machine useful and effective. Though the highly simplistic Series 4monitor is lacking in some performance tracking areas, the ergonomic and powerful build of the machine contributes to consistent and reliable workouts that tax your body and strengthen your endurance, making up for any technological setbacks. At $1,800, this is a bit overpriced for its scaled back abilities, but it does offer a reliable performance that could make it a worthy investment for any level of rower.


Sturdy and reliable frame, compact, personalized resistance levels


Simplistic and under-performing LCD monitor, also pretty expensive

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

 in stock
7 new from $1,139.99

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 is an industry leading air resistance rower that delivers proven performance and fitness benefits for every user. Concept2 Indoor Rowers are used worldwide by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients, and every caliber of rower in-between.  A great investment for any level of athlete, this commercial-grade machine is a high-tech, high-performing piece of equipment that’s ideal for every rower.

The Concept2 Model D is one of the most compact yet efficient rowing machines on the indoor home rowing machine market today. Measuring 96 x 24 in and weighing just 57 pounds, the rowing machine is already fairly light and portable. Add to that heavy-duty wheels and a quick-release frame lock that allows you to separate the machine and fold it up for easy storage, and you’ve got a highly portable machine that fits well in any home, office, or exercise space.

With a 500 pound capacity, the Model D is one of the sturdiest rowing machines around, making it perfect for rowers of every size, shape, and interest level. Adjustable footrests and seat add to the comfort and capacity of the machine, making exercise as convenient as it is important. Resistance is generated by the powerful attached air-driven flywheel fan that responds to every stroke. You can control air flow with an easy change of the damper featuring ten levels of damping that provide minimal noise and a smooth feel. Included in your purchase are a number of electronic guided workouts or games designed to inspire you to work harder as well, allowing full electronic integration into your other fitness apps or trackers. The self-calibrating Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) is one of the best monitor models on the market, including built-in wireless heart rate monitoring (heart rate chest belt included). The PM5 also uses Bluetooth and ANT technology to support wireless racing between up to eight separate machines with no computers or extra equipment needed, so you can race friends or training partners without needing to hook up in extra places.


This is a powerful, high performing machine at a mid-range price of around $1,000. Easy to move, assemble, and use, the Concept 2 Model D has very little to complain about, and is covered by an extensive warranty to further protect your investment. Whether a beginner or a pro, the Concept 2 Model D is a worthy investment on your indoor rowing equipment journey.


High quality machine, adjustable resistance, electronic integration, wireless racing


Sometimes Pricier ($1500) than the usual price ($1000), and the fan is a bit loud

Mr. Captain Wooden Water Rowing Machine

 out of stock

Enjoy your daily workout without even having to leave your home using the Mr Captain Rowing Machine. This foldable, seated rowing machine is ideal for rowing aficionados and will help you get an intense full-body workout while strengthening your heart and lungs in no time. The Mr. Captain is sleek and streamlined, designed to protect your body while you work and train your muscle groups in a major way. The stunning wood frame provides a touch of elegance to this powerful fitness tool that elevates it even higher, while maintaining a highly affordable price of just $700. Durable, high quality, and smooth, this water resistance rowing machine is great for rowers at any level.

The Mr. Captain is surprisingly lightweight despite its bulky looking flywheel and wood frame, weighing just 58 pounds with a footprint of 82 x 22 x 20 inches. The machine stands upright for storage, occupying minimal space, and can be covered with the included gray protective cover during non-use. Made from premium, durable wood dual rails and able to withstand up to 320 pounds of additional weight, the Mr. Captain is built to last. This indoor, all-weather workout is designed to provide hard-working yet ergonomic workouts perfect for anyone looking for a low-impact option, high-intensity workout.

The smooth dual-rail glide track reduces impact on knee and ankle joints, and the water resistance mitigates sharp pulling or jerking on your muscles. Featuring a powerful water resistance system with adjustable resistance levels that can be controlled via Bluetooth monitor, the intensity is completely customizable and can easily be adjusted to meet any rower’s needs. The electronic screen also tracks time, count, and calories burned while also monitoring your resistance level and miles rowed. You can connect to an app or smartphone for additional metric tracking and immediate sync of your workout records to your device.


The Mr. Captain is designed to highlight silent, powerful, and versatile workouts for any level of fitness enthusiast looking for a bargain piece of equipment. The double track ensures twice the safety while you row, while also providing an even more stable base for you to work out on. The strong water resistance set-up creates silent and gliding resistance that feels just like you’re actually out on the water.The ultimate highlight of this high-quality rower is its affordable price point; at just $700, this is one of the cheapest, yet high-performing water resistance rowing machines on the market. Ergonomic, affordable, and powerful, the Mr. Captain is a great way to invest in your fitness through a high-quality machine at a bargain price.


Lightweight, low-impact exercise, affordable, and Bluetooth compatible monitor


Limited resistance levels and warranty, also the material is compressed wood

Sunny Surge 500 Water Resistance Rowing Machine

 in stock
3 new from $440.00
1 used from $331.73
Free shipping

An sleek and modern take on the water rowing machine experience, the Sunny Health and Fitness Water Rowing Machine is the perfect lightweight cardio machine that offers endurance-building and high-energy workouts for every rower in a contemporary and minimalist setting. The Rurge 500 Water Rowing Machine extends seven feet in length, weighing a standard 92 pounds for a sturdy and usable base. Sleek, strong, and designed with optimum performance in mind, the Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine is an affordable and ergonomic workout choice for all.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Surge Obsidian Water Rower is a simple and easy to use water rowing machine that provides natural drag. Manufactured to quality precision, the Sunny Water Rower uses premium-grade materials that ensures the perfect balance. This powerful rowing machine is engineered with a water resistance system that generates a responsive, smooth, and powerful workout. You can increase the resistance by adding more water in the tank so you end up rowing against a greater volume of water and greater overall resistance, which gives every individual the benefit of regulating the intensity levels according to their needs and preferences.

The ergonomically designed, contoured foam seat pad ensures that you stay comfortable and encounter no hassles throughout your entire workout. It also features foam-covered handles made with an anti-slip finish, letting you focus on your routine. The multi-angle monitor and adjustable foot pedal straps provide a customizable fit. A digital LCD screen display monitors your workout progress by displaying time, stroke count, distance, calories burned, SPM and pulse.


The Surge Rowing Machine is an efficient and powerful workout tool that combines sleek appearance and steady performance. The water resistance flywheel provides reliable and consistent drag that generates a steady workout without putting additional strain on your body. One of the more affordable models on the market at $400,  the Obsidian machine also manages to balance budgetary constraints and high quality construction to create a lasting and natural feeling rowing experience.


Compact, streamlined, affordable, larger digital monitor


The monitor is not backlit and there is no tablet holder

Women’s Health Men’s Health Magnetic Rower

 in stock

Reap the rewards of rowing with the Womens’ Health & Men’s Health Magnetic Rower. This rower helps you realize all the benefits of rowing, including cardiovascular health and increased muscle strength, while combining technical innovation and durable magnetic resistance. Blending dual resistance technology and increased comfort for a relaxing fitness experience, this Magnetic Rower is one of the top magnetic resistance rowing machines on the market.

The Magnetic Rower presents several features designed to enhance comfort and convenience while creating an intense workout, such as a oversized padded and molded seat, padded rowing handle, textured footplates with adjustable straps, built-in wheels, floor levelers, and a high-quality aluminum beam for maximum user ease. Weighing just 64 pounds and measuring at 80 x 23 x 28.5”, the Magnetic Rower is a portable yet powerful personal exercise machine that’s one of the more compact ones on the market. The indoor rowing machine also stands on end for easy storage, meaning you can take it down for use and then fold it right back up to keep it out of the way.

The sleek magnetic flywheel combines the power of magnetic resistance with sheer muscular pull into one system, creating a uniquely blended exercise routine that will push you to new heights. You can increase your workout intensity easily by adjusting to any of the included fourteen levels of specially calibrated resistance, ranging from beginner level to advanced and elite athletes.. Monitor your workouts through the included SmartPower tech monitor, which tracks time, count, distance, calories, watts, and total count. You can also enjoy basic workout data tracking and on water/in-studio professional coaching through the integrated MyCloudFitness software, though you will have to pay for a membership if you want to fully engage in this technical connection with the rowing community.


This Magnetic Rower is bluetooth compatible, meaning you can transport data and share workout information from one device to another easily right through the rowing machine. The basic workout tracking is free on the MyCloudFitness app, so getting your workout tracking set up is not a challenge. This rower also promises no lag resistance through the use of a smart power dial that immediately calculates your drag and pull statistics and factors it into your fitness regime. The Magnetic Rower is a great high-tech yet affordable machine, offering variability in workouts, resistance, and intensity for the perfect home fitness experience at a bargain price.


Foldable and easy storage, highly variable magnetic intensity, Bluetooth technology


Need to pay for full access to workout training tools and low-weight capacity

JOROTO Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

 out of stock

Simple, streamlined, and straightforward, the JOROTO magnetic rowing machine is a no-fuss, no frills magnetic machine that offers high-performing cardio-intensive workout while challenging all your major muscle groups. Quiet, adjustable, ergonomic, and user-friendly, the JOROTO is designed for basic exercise that’s easy to set up and even easier to operate.

This magnetic indoor rowing machine is a high-performing piece of equipment that offers simple and solid exercise for all levels of rowers. The ergonomic design has a small footprint, occupying less than 0.15 square meters of space. It features a molded and padded seat designed for user comfort, oversized non-slip pedals with adjustable straps for security and grip, and a molded, softly padded handlebar for a firm, but never painful grip.

The built-in water bottle holder only adds to user comfort, and the whole cycle can be operated without electricity, making set up as simple as unfolding your machine and hopping on the rower. The true highlight of this rower, though, is its magnetic resistance system. With ten levels of adjustable magnetic force, this machine can adjust to different workout plans for both beginners and experts. The powerful magnetic drive creates low-maintenance but high-performing exercise. Track your workouts with the simple LCD monitor that tracks time, count, total count, and calories in addition to an included media shelf.


The JOROTO is designed for people who want a simple and straightforward rowing experience. It doesn’t feature a lot of high-tech bonuses or have complex mechanical components. It’s made to row, and row it does. For a little over $320, this aluminum rower is a great machine for basic use, but its simple design means experienced rowers may eventually grow out of the machine. This rower is perfect for beginner rowing machines or as a recovery tool for people getting into low-impact exercise, and its ease of use makes it a great versatile piece of equipment.


Easy to use, good resistance variability, ergonomic design, affordable


Simple monitor, not many fancy features, and less durable construction

Murtisol Home Fluid Resistance Rowing Machine

 out of stock

The Murtisol water rowing machine is yet another example of high-quality water resistance rowing that delivers powerful full body and cardio exercise benefits to every user. The Murtisol rower delivers consistently proven performance and fitness benefits at a very affordable price, generating powerful workouts that are ergonomic and easy on your joints and body. A great investment for any level of fitness fan, this commercial-grade machine is recommended for all levels of rowers and fits neatly into every home or gym space.

Sporting a 44 inch inseam length (the distance you can row or pull yourself) and weighing a hefty 86 pounds, this rowing machine is sturdy and heavy-duty, but still stands up easily for compact storage. The steel frame supports riders up to 243 lbs, and the wide-set saddle and ergonomic foot holders keep riders stable throughout their entire workout. Resistance is generated by a powerful hydro-spinning water flywheel that can be filled with water to meet your desired resistance level.

The water enhanced flywheel is built to perform at any level, and with any level of intense rowing, so you can really personalize it to your rowing needs. The included multi-functional LCD monitor displays calories burned, reps/minute, time spent, stroke count,and total count, supporting your training and tracking data by providing instant and effective feedback for riders. The ergonomic padded handlebars and footrests help relieve spinal pressure, shoulder and back pain, and prevent muscle strain, all while protecting your knees and other points of impact while you row.


The Murtisol sits at about $350, making it an affordable investment for any home fitness junkie. The heavy machine is made for challenging and punishing workouts, making it a good pick for rowers or weightlifters ready to put some muscle into their rowing journey. Whether a beginner or a pro, the Murtisol water resistance rower is a worthy investment on your indoor rowing equipment journey.


Multi-functional monitor, affordable and water resistance flywheel


Heavier model, no customizable resistance level or device holder

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Foldable Rower

 in stock
3 new from $207.78
4 used from $205.70
Free shipping

This is one of the best magnetic rowing machines out there, offering all of the necessities for an intense yet enjoyable rowing workout in the comfort of your own home working every major muscle group. Designed to last, the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine presents one of the most durable and intense rowing workouts available in your home or personal gym today.

The Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine is one of the larger personal models available on the market today. Coming in at roughly 208.3 x 48.3 x 58.4 cm and weighing almost 30 kg, this indoor rowing machine is not for the faint of heart. However, it does come equipped with heavy-duty wheels that make transport and maneuvering it around your home a piece of cake. The Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine sports a steel mainframe that’s reliable and durable; it will hold users of all shapes and sizes.

With a newly improved smoother magnetic tension system with 8 levels of adjustable tension, this home exercise machine is also one of the quietest options available. No one will hear you exercising with this silky magnetic tension system. Exercising is made simpler with the LCD screen display, which showcases calorie and mile count, and workout length to keep you focused on achieving any type of personal fitness goals.


The SF-RW5515 creates reliable, powerful, and consistent performance no matter how many riders use it. For intermediate to experienced rowers looking for a machine that works as hard as they do, the Sunny Magnetic Rower may be just the purchase for you.


Magnetic resistance means quieter resistance, the machine is durable over a long period of time, product stands up to heavy-duty or high-intensity workouts


Heavier and larger than most models, difficult to repair should it break, not well-suited for novice rowers, not able to connect via Bluetooth or to web-based fitness tracking

A Buyer’s Guide to Rowing Machines

Air, water, and magnetic rowing machines are innovative and unique within the world of rowing machines. Understanding the elements of each type of rowing machine is essential to finding the right machine for your needs, so here are a few things to look out for when you’re looking to purchase your new rowing machine.

Magnetic Resistance Levels
The key component of a magnetic rowing machine is its magnetic resistance. Take a look at how the magnetic resistance of your flywheel is generated. Does it use magnets to generate friction resistance? Are there built-in resistance levels? How do you adjust them? Knowing your personal preference will help you determine what type of magnetic resistance style works best for you.

Water Resistance Levels
The key component of a water rowing machine is how it generates resistance. Whether it uses a large flywheel with built in water levels that raise or lower your resistance ability or features a dial that changes your resistance on the fly, understanding how your resistance will work while still preserving the natural flow of your rowing stroke is essential. Understanding your personal preference and being able to contrast that with the water resistance levels your equipment offers will help you determine what type of water resistance style works best for you.

Air Resistance Levels
Whether it uses a large flywheel with built in fan blades that can be altered via damper or a simplistic flywheel that generates resistance based on how fast you pull, understanding how your resistance will work while still preserving the natural flow of your rowing stroke is essential. Understanding your personal preference and being able to contrast that with the air flywheels your equipment offers will help you determine what type of air resistance flywheel works best for you.

Space Constraints
Magnetic and air resistance rowing machines are known for taking up more floor space than other models because of the extra bulk and dimension required for the magnetic/air/fan flywheel that creates the natural resistance flow they’re characterized for. Understanding the size dimensions and the volume of space your new machine will occupy in your home is important when deciding what machine is the best fit for you, as is the machine’s portability and storage size.

Water resistance rowing machines are known for being more expensive than other models because of the extra equipment and water technology involved in creating that natural flow. Buying a water resistance rowing machine can cost a lot of cash, but it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of affordable and bargain water resistance models on the market, and some vendors offer payment plans or other arrangements to help bring your new fitness equipment into your home, and keeping an eye on these elements will help you find an affordable machine for you.

Digital Monitor
Being able to track your rowing progress and resistance levels is key to a productive rowing session. A good digital monitor can provide detailed feedback as you row, as well as walk you through preprogrammed workouts and intensity suggestions. Pick a rowing machine with a high-quality monitor that’s technologically sound. Bluetooth connectivity wouldn’t hurt either!

The Final Verdict

For the ultimate home rowing experience, we recommend the Nordic RW900 Rower. The sleek design and compact size is compellingly portable, and the lightweight machine is easy to fold, move, and transport. The price is just right- $1,000 is pretty midrange when it comes to quality rowing machines, and the extensive warranty guarantees long term protection. The powerful inertia-enhanced flywheel that relies on silent magnetic resistance is another highlight, as are the two forms of resistance and twenty-six digital resistance levels for ultimate personalization and resistance customization. This bike truly is the perfect package deal, and it offers the dream rowing machine experience that’s the absolute best in the United States.

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