Best Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts Of Every Sport

By Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

Do you have a friend who considers themselves a bonafide gym rat? Fitness enthusiasts are growing in number across the world, and as the rising popularity of home fitness continues to spread, so do the number of people participating in fitness related activities and goals. Whether you yourself are a fitness enthusiast or are friends with someone who is, fitness enthusiasts have continued to spread far and wide. That means that, whether you’re in the midst of the holiday season or facing a flurry of future birthdays, you’re going to have to prepare for gift giving season and learn what kinds of gifts for fitness enthusiasts might be a good option for you.

For many people the perfect birthday gift for gym lovers depends on what kind of fitness they enjoy. Gym lover gifts will be a bit different than overall health and fitness gifts for her, just as gifts for bike lovers will be different than the best gifts for gym rats. Knowing what style of fitness your gift recipient prefers will make the difference between picking out the perfect gift. You wouldn’t want to buy a spin bike cyclist a rowing machine, just as you wouldn’t buy a gym rat a home fitness plan. Each gift should be customized to the style and preference of the recipient. When you’re looking for gifts for people who like to work out, you should also keep an eye out for items that you can personalize to your friends’ taste, whether it’s buying them fitness clothing in their favorite colors or personalizing a water bottle for towing along on their gym days. Whatever you need, take a look through this comprehensive gift guide to find the best gifts for fitness lovers.

Spin Bike – A Great Gift For Gym Lovers

One of the top gift ideas for fitness lovers is a spin bike. For the cycling enthusiast in your life that doesn’t already have their own spin bike, this gift is nothing short of revolutionary. An indoor spin bike is an incredible training tool and fitness tool that provides around the clock indoor and outdoor exercise from a stable and stationary position.

Spin cycles provide the functionality of a full road cycle from the comfort of your own home and are compact and portable, making them perfect for people who live away from gyms or who need personalized fitness options. An indoor spin bike can elevate your friend’s indoor fitness routine to new heights in moments. Spin bikes are versatile indoor pieces of fitness equipment that provide continual access to cycling everywhere whether you prefer targeted spin workouts or longer form free-cycling exercise. However you choose to cycle, a spin bike is a perfect gift for all kinds of spin lovers and fitness lovers.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can find indoor cycles of different prices, so you have pro magnetic spin bikes like Keiser M3i or NordicTrack S22i, and also budget indoor cycles, including some pretty great spin bikes under $500 or even under $300!

Rowing Machine For Home Use

For arm-focused fitness enthusiasts or people who enjoy a good cardio workout, one of the best rowing machines can be a perfect and reliable gift that will provide great fitness from the comfort of your own home. Similar to the indoor cycles, also for the rowing machines, you will have the option of buying a top-level piece of equipment or an affordable one such as a rowing machine under $500. There are many types of rowers to choose from, all different in experience and prices, including air rowers, water rowing machines, and magnetic rowers.

Then there are the foldable rowing machines that are portable and compact devices providing realistic rowing and comfortable cardio experiences without needing to be near water. Their natural pulling arms and smooth sliding drive create realistic and authentic motions that generate a full-body workout, making them a great tool for home gyms everywhere.

Foldable rowing machines are also nice for compact apartments or offices. If you travel a lot or are living in a tight space, a foldable rowing machine is a true lifesaver. Skip long outdoor runs or the hassle of commuting to the gym and unfold your rowing machine for simple and immediately accessible fitness that you can use quietly day or night.

Fixed or Portable Treadmill

Running and walking is some of the simplest and healthiest fitness you can possibly engage in, and a top treadmill is a perfect option when you can’t get out of your house. It’s easy on the joints as long as you personalize your own routine, gentle on the brain as it doesn’t involve a lot of thought or preplanning, and simple to do anywhere, as well as multitask while completing. In fact, some people have desks set up over treadmills or treadmills that fit under their desks to help incorporate running and walking into their regular work day.

Fitness enthusiasts will love a portable treadmill because of its simple and compact design that provides running and walking access anywhere regardless of size or function. Whether you’re living in a tiny studio apartment or trying to squeeze a workout in your office over lunch break, a portable treadmill is a continually versatile fitness tool that can adjust to your lifestyle and your own personal fitness needs as well as your budget.

Athletic T-Shirts For Sport Fans

More top gift ideas for fitness lovers include athletic t-shirts or dry-fit style fitness uniforms. Their athlete style and fitness-inclined sweat-wicking technology are designed to provide a smoother and more comfortable fitness experience for several different sports or workouts, including cycling, rowing, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, body-building, and more. Better yet, you can choose from many different kinds of t-shirts depending on your preference and customized by style, color, size, and benefits, often finding specially designed t-shirts depending on the activity you’re purchasing them for.

We like athletic t-shirts as gift ideas because they’re available in so many fun patterns and sayings, making them a funny and personal gift for a cyclist that’s both practical and manages to share a touch of your intended recipient’s personality and overall character. They also prevent buildup of moisture or residue next to your skin while you work out, preventing workout hazards like rashes, chafing, bruising, and creating a smooth work out experience.

Fitness Gloves For Sport Enthusiasts

Fitness is often a hand-heavy sport. Athletes from rowers to body builders to cyclists sport damaged, calloused, and bruised hands often as a hazard of the sport, largely due to their exposure to the elements and continual work throughout their workouts. Whether hot, cold, raining or snowing, many athletes still put themselves out there and commit to their workout, and fitness gloves are one great way to protect their skin and enhance their performance capacity while they ride. Gloves can also provide grip, protection, and overall value to your fitness experience inside too, whether you need rowing gloves or gloves for cycling.

Fitness gloves are often made of sweat-wicking and performance centered materials that can have specially designed gripping elements designed on the inside to securely grip to whatever you’re making contact with during your workout. The best fitness gloves provide seamless protection and connection between your hands and your fitness equipment, making it easy to use them without losing control, especially at high speeds or high intensity lifting. These are the best gifts for gym rats because of their functionality and use inside and outside.

Fitness Mat For Different Machines

A fitness mat is one of the best gifts for fitness lovers because of its versatile use and reliability across the range of fitness activities. No matter what type of fitness you practice, whether yoga, rowing, Pilates, spin, calisthenics, or more, a fitness mat is a protective and powerful tool in your fitness routine. Keep your sweat off the floor and yourself firmly focused on your workout with a stable base to practice on top of thanks to top fitness mats that make great gifts for all kinds of friends or family members.

Fitness mats not only protect you while your exercise, but they also protect your equipment. Your floor can easily get dinged or scratched up by a rowing machine or a spin bike machine, and keeping your floor protected with a mat helps everything last longer and stay in better condition. This is why there are different mats for rowing machines and mats for indoor cycles. A good fitness mat will both insulate and protect your floor from your other fitness equipment, making it safe and easy to hop on for a ride without worrying about the consequences of setting up your new machine.

Water Bottles for Cyclists

An ideal present for cyclists or people who ride without access to water for long periods of time, water bottles are a key part of your cycling routine and should be considered one of the top fitness gifts for her or for him. We all know just how essential hydration is to a good workout, and having immediate access to replenishing fluid helps you stay on your bike longer and work out harder and faster for constant improvement on your riding and yourself.

The perfect water bottle for cyclists is one that’s compact, centrally located and accessible, and usable with one hand so you can remove it, drink from it, and re-fasten it to your bike no matter how intense your ride is. The other exciting part of water bottles for cyclists is that you can customize and personalize your water bottle to help it match the person who you’re gifting the water bottle to for the ultimate statement of personality and vigor that make this a one of a kind gift.

Sport Shoes For Different Activities

Sport shoes are one of the best gifts for all kinds of fitness lovers because of their immediate use and improvement to your performance. For example, biking shoes are considered an incredible performance tool, both outdoor and indoor cycling shoes for men or for women, because they offer streamlined pedaling performance and functionality in addition to better grip and traction with your overall pedalling stroke. You can find similarly personalized shoes for rowing, aerobics, and even body-building or weight lifting, all of which feature individualized benefits for your exercise type.

Sport shoes provide grip, traction, and specific uses depending on the size and type of shoe you buy. You can also buy universal tennis shoes or fitness shoe styles that work for many different types of fitness, including aerobics, indoor cycling, or more. Sport shoes can be purchased in a number of different sizes and styles, which make them cute and functional gifts you can personalize depending on your gift recipient.

Wireless Headphones For Sports Fans

Any fitness enthusiast knows just how difficult it can be to endure through some of the longer and tougher workout rides you’re encountering. Whether it’s cycle rides, longer runs, or more, it’s not uncommon to need a little extra motivation or entertainment to continue with your workout. Wireless headphones allow you to take podcasts or music with you while you run, making it easy to stay entertained and focused throughout your workout. Wireless headphones are a great resource for all types of athletes because they provide instant connection between you and your entertainment or coaching without having to deal with tangled wires.

Giving wireless headphones as a gift are incredibly easy because you can find wireless headphones for a wide range of prices and affordability, making them a great gift to give for many. You can also choose between casual, work-style, sport style or a full over-the-head style, so you can customize based on how you like to workout.

Belt Bag and Fanny Packs

Another important and functional component of many workout routines is having your riding accessories (phone, wallet, water, headphones, chapstick, etc.) immediately accessible to you thanks to quick-access storage. Whether you’re going for a jog or committing to a long cycle ride, often wearing a backpack or a crossbody isn’t an option due to comfort or otherwise, so having a bag that sits right on your waist and is accessible even while seated is a big advantage for you as an athlete.

Belt bags or fanny packs are light and compact storage options that are unobtrusive while still storing a wide variety of items on your workouts. Fanny packs and belt bags can also be bought or designed in any shape, color, pattern, size, and style you can imagine. Almost every major fitness brand or store carries them and they continue to be valuable parts of many fitness lovers’ regular routines.

Fitness Classes or Subscriptions

In the digital world, more and more people are selling fitness based services online as an easy and accessible way to jump on a new fitness routine from the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Services like Peloton, Zwift, iFit, and more are all popular home fitness workout platforms that offer all kinds of guided workouts ranging from cycling to yoga to meditation to rowing and more. For the versatile fitness lover who enjoys all kinds of workouts, a gift subscription is like an all-access pass to the fitness pursuits of their dreams.

Fitness subscriptions provide a number of other benefits. Having a guided voice to support your fitness journey can make the coaching process much easier for many different people, especially if you’re new to fitness or to a specific type of workout program. If the initial price point is too high to manage on your own, gifting a class or subscription to someone else is the perfect initial fitness gift.

Sport Shorts For Fitness Enthusiasts

Having the proper workout gear is essential to a healthy and reliable workout. Most forms of exercise are exciting and physical but require continual contact and strain on the lower half of your body. That kind of effort or energy over time can cause soreness or chafing, especially with activities like cycling or rowing that require contact with a saddle.

One of the best fitness gifts for her or him you can give are specially designed sport shorts. These comfortable, ventilated, and sometimes padded athletic shorts help reduce a majority of the pain or chafing you might normally encounter as part of your workout. Many sport shorts have padding or thicker fabric supports built into the seat of the shorts to assist in softening the contact between athletes and other fitness equipment, and many other options are ventilated and designed with airflow and sweat-wicking technology to help reduce chafing or other issues. Practical and versatile, sport shorts are a great gift option for many, such as spinning shorts for men and indoor cycling shorts for women.

Weights and Kettlebells

For the home fitness enthusiast, finding a way to bring weight training into your home workout routine can be a bit of a challenge. Not everyone has the space or budget to put a full bench and weight rack into their home, so more and more people have been looking for more compact and transportable alternatives that still provide easy fitness support. Weights and kettlebells have been a great solution for many.

Personal weights and kettlebells bring a number of advantages to your fitness training, namely that you can customize them to your specific weight needs. No need to invest in a full twenty weight range- simply pick weights that you feel you’d use and scale up or trade out whenever you’re ready for a more intense workout. Weights can be used in many different ways for constantly changing and versatile workout routines, as can kettlebells, and both are gentle and reliable forms of exercise day and night, inside and outside. For a weight-lifting gym rat friend, personal weights and kettlebells make a great gift.

Healthy Snacks and Protein Bars

Want to gift your friend something a little more personal? Healthy snacks and protein bars make great gifts for fitness lovers and overall health and fitness gifts for her or for him. You can choose from a wide range of commercial and pre-packaged products to make a goodie basket of sorts for your friend, or whip out a recipe book and begin preparing your own recipes.

Healthy snacks run the gamut from trail mix to baked goods and more. You can cater your snacks to the diet and flavor profile preferences of your friends, designing a snack you know they’ll reach for time and time again without worrying about calories or unhealthy fats. With protein bars, you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the go with these healthy and filling quick packed meals, making them a great solution for people running between work and the gym.

Blender or Smoothie Maker

Finalize your fitness friend’s perfect gift with a blender or smoothie maker. Whipping up a yummy protein shake or a meal replacement smoothie is a frequent part of many gym rat’s regular fitness routines, so having a blender or smoothie maker to aid in their meal preparation would be a great fitness gift for many people. Making smoothies is fun but hard to do by hand, especially as you blend many different ingredients or fruits together. Many gyms or fitness boutiques offer menus of delicious smoothies that are all perfectly whipped but often rather expensive. Being able to replicate those recipes at home is often cost-effective and a great tool for many fitness fanatics, but having a blender on hand is an essential part of that routine.

Many popular blenders would make good gifts for fitness fans. The NutriBullet blender is a popular smoothie maker that’s designed to handle plenty of chunky fruits or veggies. The Magic Bullet is another highly powered blender that could be used for fitness smoothies as well. The portable BlendJet is a popular option as it makes immediate one person smoothie servings right away, making it a great choice for protein smoothie making. If you’re looking to show a gym rat you care, gifting them a powerful blender or smoothie maker is a great way to get started.